10 Goals of NY's Women's Equality Act

New York Civil Liberties Union lays out the 10 goals of NY's Women's Equality Act in a report called "The Women's Equality Agenda."

While the United States continues to progress toward a goal of women's equality, women still suffer from discrimination and violence in the workplace, in public, and in the home. The NY's Women's Equality Act addresses many of these issues that continue to hold back women's equality.

These are the 10 goals of NY's Women's Equality Act:

  1. Reproduction Health and Choice Protections
  2. Equal Pay For Equal Work
  3. Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment
  4. Opportunity For Victims Of Employment, Lending and Credit Discrimination Cases To Get Attorneys' Fees
  5. Help Victims Of Sex Trafficking By Strengthening Laws
  6. Prohibit Employers From Committing Family Status Discrimination Against Women With Children
  7. Prohibit Landlords From Discriminating Against Tenants Based On A Lawful Source Of Income
  8. Prohibit Landlords From Committing Discrimination Against Victims Of Domestic Violence
  9. End Pregnancy Discrimination In The Workplace
  10. Making It Easier For Victims Of Domestic Violence To Obtain Orders Of Protection

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If you or a loved one suffered from discrimination or violence, consult with an attorney for advice regarding your particular case.


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