Eligibility For Asylum Status In The United States

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What is asylum status?
What are the eligibility requirements to obtain asylum status in the United States?
Asylum status is given to a foreigner who would face persecution in their home country if they stayed. The persecution must be done either by the foreigner's native government or by a group that the government can't or won't control. The U.S. protects foreign political refugees by giving them asylum status.
Are they refugees or asylees?
A refugee is a person who requests protection while living in their native control, while an asylee requests protection while residing in the U.S.
What is persecution?
A person who is persecuted is treated with hostility and cruelty.
What are asylees or refugees persecuted for?
Asylum status or refugee status is given to people who believe and fear that they will be persecuted due to their religion, race, particular social group membership, nationality, political beliefs.
What are the eligibility requirements for asylum status?
  1. You're in the U.S.
  2. You don't want to return home because you were either persecuted when you were there or you fear that if you did return home you will be persecuted.
  3. You were persecuted because of your religion, race, social group membership, nationality, or political beliefs.
  4. You aren't doing an activity that would prevent you from gaining asylum.
How do you file for asylum?
Consult with an attorney or an organization about filing Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal.
Can asylees obtain green card status?
An asylee can obtain a green card one year after obtain asylum status. Their spouse and children can also apply for green card status if they are also asylees.
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