What Is The California Values Act?

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California's state senate has just approved The California Values Act.

What is The California Values Act and why is it important?

Under the Trump administration, law enforcement are working with ICE to try to catch illegal immigrants and deport them. The issues is that many of these immigrants either did not commit any crime or they committed a crime such as a small traffic violation and they are, in many cases, hardworking people who have families that would be broken apart if they were to be deported.

President Trump is ramped up his deportation forces. Unlike before, immigration agents are now patrolling areas like schools, health clinics, courtrooms, churches, and other community places.

With the passing of The California Values Act, according to the ACLU, "California residents [would] have equal access to vital public services, including police, hospitals, schools, and courthouses, regardless of national origin and immigration status."

Basically, with this Act, California police forces won't have to, as the ACLU states, "facilitate deportations." They won't have to call ICE when they stop a person for a traffic violation.

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