Discrimination Against Pregnant Employees Is Still Real

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Even in 2017, discrimination against pregnant employees is still real and is still a major issue.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) was passed 40 years ago, so why are employers still discriminating against pregnant employees?

According to the ACLU, PDA required employers to provide accommodations for pregnant employees just as they would for other workers who had temporary physical restrictions.

For instance, that meant that employers may need to reassign pregnant employees to "light duty" if they had a doctor ordered physical restriction, such as not being able to lift more than 30 lbs. Instead of reassigning pregnant employees or finding a way to keep them, however, employers were firing them.

Do women have to choose between having families and keeping their job? The ACLU doesn't believe so. The ACLU Women's Rights Projects was granted argument time to address the issue of pregnancy accommodation in the court case involving Eryon Luke who was fired from her job as a Certified Nursing Assistant when she notified her supervisor of her pregnancy restriction.

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