Did The Golden Globes' #MeToo Work?

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Did the Golden Globes' #metoo moment work?

What has been the result of the Golden Globes' #metoo focus?

The Golden Globes went full force when it came to addressing the #metoo movement. From the actresses wearing black dresses, to host Seth Meyer's scathing opening addressing Harvey Weinstein and others, to Oprah's powerful speech, the night was all about the #metoo movement.

Some people criticized the night, claiming that they went too far. Some believe that Natalie Portman's presentation for best director, "Here are the all-male nominees", unfairly made the male directors in that category uncomfortable.

The night, however, succeeded in bringing a vast amount of attention to the issues of the #metoo movement. The rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood as well as the pay gap between genders is finally being taken seriously.

Eight of the actresses walked down the red carpet holding the hands of activists who fought sexual harassment and gender inequality.

These actresses, and many actors, too, used their platform and the publicity to make a statement about women's rights. Whether it worked well or not, it opened up a larger discussion.

Sexual harassment, age discrimination, gender inequality, and gender pay gaps are not unique to Hollywood. They happen in every industry, but not many people in other industries have the opportunity to use a public platform to reach large amounts of people. The actresses that utilized the Golden Globes as a tool for voicing their support for the movement have succeeded in changing the dialogue. What was once taboo to talk about is now something people are talking about in casual conversation.

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