Is Catcalling Okay To Do?

Is there ever a time when catcalling is okay? Playboy released a flowchart that shows when catcalling is okay to do.

That's right, Playboy says there ARE instances when catcalling is acceptable. What are they? And what is catcalling?

Catcalling is any sexually suggestive comment, shout or whistle to a woman walking by.

To determine when catcalling is NOT acceptable, let's look at the two instances when catcalling is acceptable, according to Playboy. Remember, ALL other instances, outside of these TWO, are not okay. So let's see what those two acceptable instances are:

  1. Catcalling is acceptable if you're catcalling a CAT.
  2. Catcalling is acceptable if you and the woman know each other and have a prior consensual agreement to yell sexually explicit phrases at each other in public.

There you have it. Playboy says that these are the only to instances where catcalling is acceptable. Therefore, at ALL other times, catcalling is in no way acceptable.

Any other reason for catcalling is unacceptable. It may even be considered sexual harassment. Catcalling may disrupt a woman's daily routine and it may cause her to fear for her safety.

To see Playboy's flowchart, visit:

What should women do if they encounter catcalling? They should move to a more public area. Don't get caught alone with a catcaller. They should try to find other people to shield themselves from the catcaller. They may need to call security if the situation escalates. If it becomes legal trouble, consult with a knowledgeable attorney!


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