Is It Sexual Harassment? 7 Common Situations That May Be Sexual Harassment

You may be wondering, is it sexual harassment? What exactly constitutes sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is any unwelcome advances that are sexual in nature and create a hostile work environment.

Each case is unique, so to answer is it sexual harassment, varies from case to case. To determine if yours is sexual harassment, file a complaint within your company's HR department or speak to a legal professional for advice specific to your case.

Is it sexual harassment? Here are 7 examples of common situations that may be sexual harassment in the workplace.

  1. A coworker repeatedly asks another coworker out on a date. This may be harassment if the advances are unwelcome and repeatedly denied.
  2. A manager or supervisor who asks (directly or indirectly) an employee for a sexual favor in exchange for a workplace benefit or promotion.
  3. A male manager or supervisor constantly demeans woman and the ability of women to perform work, or they just generally treat women rudely.
  4. Hanging up visual illustrations on the walls of the workplace that are sexual in nature, such as posters, signs, letters, drawings, or calendars.
  5. A coworker pinches, fondles, touches, or pats another coworker. This behavior is unwelcome and it interferes with the victim's normal work.
  6. A coworker who teases another employee (of the same sex) mercilessly for reasons relating to their personal life such as sexual orientation or his or her appearance.
  7. A coworker or manager who makes inappropriate jokes or comments in the workplace may constitute harassment if the jokes or comments are sexual in nature or refer to a person's appearance.

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Again, each case should be investigated fully to determine fault and remedies. Speak to an experienced sexual harassment attorney for more advice that's more specific to your situation.


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