What ISN'T Workplace Harassment Or Discrimination?

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What isn't workplace harassment or discrimination and why is knowing that important?

Sometimes people are too quick to call out any little thing they disagree with or don't like workplace harassment or discrimination. When employees cry wolf, they lessen the impact of complaints of harassment or discrimination when it truly does happen.

This article looks at what isn't workplace harassment or discrimination. Some examples include:

  • An employer providing their employee with appropriate work-related criticism
  • An employer providing appropriate discipline
  • Asking an employee of a particular gender to join a committee for a better representation
  • Hiring a disabled person or a veteran under specific programs
  • An employer giving their employee work assignments
  • A welcome workplace friendship between employees
  • Employers or employees stating opinions that differ than your own
  • An employer investigating absences
  • A romantic relationship between two consenting employees

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are real issues that should be taken very seriously, but sometimes, individuals without knowledge of what is and isn't workplace harassment or discrimination, may falsely file complaints. It's important to get seek out more information on the topics of workplace rights.

If you've suffered from workplace harassment or discrimination and filing a complaint at your work did not help, you may want to consult with an attorney.

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