The Lengths Women Go To Prevent Street Harassment

Many women go to great lengths to prevent street harassment.

Street harassment can cause women to fear for their safety and it can cause them to be anxious about going outside. That's why it's so important (and unfortunate...) that women need to learn ways to prevent street harassment.

Here are some examples of how women prevent street harassment:

  • Women stay on guard at all times, but especially at nighttime.
  • They avoid going out in the dark alone.
  • They stay in familiar surroundings.
  • They know multiple routes to get away from where they are at any given time.
  • They avoid making eye contact with others.
  • They walk around with friends to avoid being alone .
  • They wear clothing that is more modest so that they avoid attention.
  • They will pretend to be on the phone to avoid conversations or attention.
  • If they see others on the same side of the street as them, they'll cross the street to avoid being too close.

What does this mean for women?

It means that women have to be way more cautious than men in their everyday life.

It means women have to pay close attention to their surroundings everywhere they go.

It means they'll spend less time out at night in public.

It means that if their friends are busy, they may chose not to go out that night, and therefore they may miss out on important or fun events.

It means that they might avoid harmless situations with strangers.

It means that when they do go out, if they want to leave early on their own, they're probably going to spend the money to take a taxi rather than walking home.

It means that women have to have code words with their friends to inform them of dangerous situations.

What's the worst part? ...Besides the harassment?

The worst part is that many women don't even realize they do these things. It's subconscious.

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