How To Protect Yourself Against Cell Phone Spying


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You probably haven't realized yet that you need to protect yourself against cell phone spying.

According to the NYCLU, cell phones can be the target of government or private party spying, and the information they look at can be misused, so the NYCLU created a list of 5 ways to protect yourself against cell phone spying.

Your phone carries your most private and personal information, whether it's bank accounts, texts, photos, or more, so it's imperative that you learn how to protect yourself against cell phone spying.

According to the NYCLU, you can better protect yourself with these 5 tips: 

  1. Install every software update that comes out. Software updates are usually patches that your service provider sends out so that they can repair any flaws in security.
  2. Use stronger passwords. Avoid easy to guess passwords and don't use the same password for multiple sites. Keep updating your password. You can use the service LastPass ( to better manage your passwords.
  3. Use an app such as Signal ( to encrypt your messages and phone calls. If they're not encrypted your text messages can be intercepted and read. Encrypting your messages will be ensure privacy and security. People are constantly divulging sensitive personal information in texts, emails, and phone calls, so it's important to protect yourself and make sure the only person seeing your messages are the people they're intended to go to.
  4. Avoid using search engines that track you and store your personal information. Use Disconnect ( or DuckDuckGo ( These are two search engines that will not track or store your personal information.
  5. Be cautious with public wi-fi. It's not safe. Turn off automatic connect, if you have it on. Many people will use public wi-fi to search, shop or bank, but it can leave you vulnerable. Your information can be intercepted and stolen. Use your phone network data instead.

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