What Are Your Rights If An Immigration Agent (ICE) Shows Up At Your Door?

What are your rights if an immigration agent (ICE) shows up at your door?

What can and should you do? This article discusses your rights if an immigration agent (ICE) shows up at your door.

According to the ACLU, people have the following rights if an immigration agent (ICE) shows up at your door:

  1. If immigration agents (ICE) show up at your door, do not open your door. However, if you do open your door, they are not allowed inside unless you specifically give permission. Do not let them inside, keep the door closed and speak to them through the door. You're allowed to request an interpreter if the agent doesn't speak your language.
  2. Again do not open your door and do not let the immigration agents inside. If they ask you to open your door and to let them inside, you can ask them to show you their warrant signed by a judge. If they don't have the warrant they have no right to make you open the door or step inside. If they tell you that they have a warrant, make them slip the warrant under the door. If the warrant is only a warrant of removal from immigration authorities and it isn't from a court and signed by a judge then they cannot make you open your door and they cannot rightfully enter your premises. Some examples of warrants that are not good enough are ones that are signed by DHS or ICE.
  3. According to the ACLU, people should tell the agents, "I do not consent to your entry." And keep your door closed.
  4. If they show you a warrant that is signed by a judge and is for a search or for an arrest, verify that the address is yours and that the names on the warrant are people from your household. If they are not, do not consent to allowing them to enter your residential premises.
  5. According to the ACLU, if the ICE agents force their way into your home don't resist, but state, "I do not consent to your entry or to your search of these premises. I am exercising my right to remain silent. I wish to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible." And then have everyone in the residence stay silent.
  6. If you are arrested, stay silent until you can speak with an attorney. Do not sign anything.

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