Trump's Roll Back Of 2014 Fair Pay And Safe Workplaces Order Hurts Female Employees

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This roll back of the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order causes major issues for female employees in two major ways.

While Trump publically promoted April as "Sexual Harassment Awareness Month", he privately rolled back the Obama administration's 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order and this roll back hurts female employees and particularly those who experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

This order requires companies that receive government contracts worth more than $500,000 to comply with civil rights laws and labor laws. Prior to this order, many companies violated these laws.

The 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order banned the forced arbitration clauses that many companies put in their employee contracts. Forced arbitration clauses are bad for victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination because they keep the complaints secret and hidden from view. This means that someone who suffered sexual harassment in the workplace may be too scared to come forward if they believe that they are the only one complaining. They'll feel alone and vulnerable.

The Obama-era order also required employers to disclose employee salary and pay-scale information. This transparency benefitted female employees because the employers could be held accountable to pay female employees the same amount as male employees for the same job.

Additionally, the roll back also removes these employers requirement to prove they're not discriminating against applicants and employees based on sexual orientation and gender.

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