What Are Women's Pregnancy And Reproductive Rights In New York?

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What are women's pregnancy and reproductive rights in New York?

This article discusses what are and are not women's basic rights when it comes to reproduction, pregnancy and parenting.

While women still fight for the right to have access to contraception, the Supreme Court ruled in 1965, that, "the right to control one's reproductive system is central to fundamental liberties" (NYCLU). The NYCLU has fought for laws and protections for women to have access to emergency contraception and counseling in emergency rooms. They have also fought for women to be able to get their emergency contraception prescriptions filled by pharmacists who deny them. 

Under Title VII, women have the right to be free from any discrimination based on pregnancy. This includes discrimination in the workplace as well as in public. Many women face discrimination due to marital status and pregnancy, working while pregnant, going to school while young and pregnant, and breastfeeding in public. An amendment to Title VII protects women from discrimination due to pregnancy, but also childbirth and other related medical conditions.

In this new administration, people worry that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. This will end reproductive freedom by taking away a women's autonomy over her pregnancy. Abortion will no longer by a right women have and instead, it may go as far as becoming criminally punishable.

For more information about women's pregnancy, reproductive and parenting rights, leave a comment below or consult with an experienced attorney if you feel your rights were violated.