3 Unbelievable FAQs: Women's Rights in New York

3 unbelievable, but true, FAQ's regarding women's rights in New York.

Here are 3 scenarios where the law does not protect women's rights in New York, according to the NYCLU.

The fight for women's rights in New York is an ongoing battle.

Better understanding the nuances of New York law will help all of us fight to end the loopholes that prevent women from true equality. For more information, check out the NYCLU's comprehensive information regarding the Women's Equality Act

Can an employer get in trouble for committing sexual harassment if they have less than four employees?

In New York, a company must have more than four employees for the sexual harassment law to kick in. Therefore, even if a worker suffers blatant sexual harassment, there isn't much they can do if there's only 2-3 employees in the company.

What this means for women:

Women are in tough positions if they work at very small companies. They have less options for pursuing cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

When renting an apartment, can a New York landlord avoid renting to a women who was a victim of domestic violence?

Yes, a landlord in New York can discriminate against women who were victims of domestic violence without it being illegal. There are no laws protecting women from discrimination based on domestic violence. There are also no protections for these victims when it comes to buying a home, too.

What this means for women:

Women who are victims of domestic violence may have a tougher time renting or buying a home.

Can employers fire employees for discussing their salaries?

Yes, it is legal in New York for employers to fire employees if they discuss their salaries in the workplace.

What this means for women:

While it is illegal for employers to pay women less for doing the same position and equal work as a male employee, if they discuss their salary to find out if they are in fact being paid less they can get fired.

If you have a civil liberties case that focuses on women's rights in New York, consult with an experienced attorney right away.


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