Are Workers Entitled To Sick Days In New York?

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Are workers entitled to sick days in New York?

According to the New York Attorney General website, most employers are not required to allow sick days for their employees. Therefore, the answer to, are workers entitled to sick days in New York, is no. But, there are exceptions.

Workers are allowed to request unpaid leave. They can ask for up to 12 weeks. This unpaid leave can be for their own illness, or a family member's illness. This is referred to as family leave or medical leave. These 12 weeks can be used intermittently or all at once. Their employer is not obligated to grant their employees medical leave, but employees can request it.

The second exception is regarding disability benefits. Many New York employers must provide disability benefits. This means that if their employee is ill to the point where they're disabled for more than one week, they are entitled to receive half their wages (up to $170 per week, for up to 26 weeks).

Employers don't have to provide health insurance, pensions, or vacations, unless promised, in which case, they must provide these benefits.

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