Brazil’s Growing Interest In EB-5

[dropcap]Brazil[/dropcap] has quickly become Latin America’s largest EB-5 Program participant. In April, EB-5 Investors Magazine hosted an EB-5 convention in São Paulo, Brazil, offering a two-day networking and educational event. The conference attracted nearly 300 attendees. KAPIN PLLC EB-5 immigration attorneysEB-5 Investors Magazine only offer EB-5 conventions in top and emerging markets. Later this year, they will be hosting EB-5 conferences in Vietnam, South Korea, and India.

Why are Brazilians investing in the EB-5 Program?

According to EB-5 Investors Magazine, “After Brazil’s economy opened up to the world in the 1990’s, Brazilian perspectives have become increasingly cosmopolitan, resulting in a strong growth in demand for EB-5 immigration and investment opportunities. Having experienced a booming economy followed by a recent sharp economic downturn, many Brazilian investors are looking more outside its country’s borders for investment opportunities and a better quality of life.” These new EB-5 awareness campaigns in Brazil have helped significantly boost the number of investors there.

How many visas are issued to EB-5 investors from Brazil?

For fiscal year 2017, the data reveals that was Brazil issued the third most visas for direct investors and regional center investors as well as their families. Brazil was issued 282 visas which was 2.8% of the total. To see the other top EB-5 countries, visit here:

Why are EB-5 Investors Magazine and their sponsors targeting Brazil as potential source of new investment?

As the data shows, Brazil has emerged as the third largest market for EB-5 investors, only behind Mainland China and Vietnam. There is a very valuable large pool of millionaire investors from Brazil who are looking to obtain green cards that project developers can tap into. Additionally, since Mainland China and now Vietnam are both facing a backlog, these developers must find alternative markets to raise investment capital. Brazil has not reached retrogression, and may not reach it for awhile, making it the perfect EB-5 market for developers. Regional Centers and developers also like Brazil because it also has more millionaire households and therefore more potential for growth than countries like Vietnam.

Where are Brazilian EB-5 applicants investing?

Brazil is Florida’s top trading partner. According to the Miami Herald, Brazil has been Florida’s top trading partner for more than two decades. They’ve passed billions of dollars in goods between the two. Florida exports mostly aircrafts and technology to Brazil. Interestingly, Florida’s top imports from Brazil are mostly repaired aircraft exports. These close ties have spilled over into the EB-5 market, with the majority of Brazilian EB-5 applicants investing in major cities like Miami.

What hurdles might regional centers and developers encounter when looking to market the EB-5 Program in Brazil?

High net worth individuals from Brazil enjoy some of the world’s lowest effective tax rates. One obstacle for Brazilians seeking to invest in the EB-5 Program and live in the U.S. would be the global tax on all world-wide income that comes with being a green card holder. One solution may be to speak to tax experts. Another solution may be to weigh the benefits of obtaining a U.S. green card. Is it worth it for your family? A few of the top benefits from the EB-5 Program include being able to start your own business, traveling more easily between countries, buying U.S. real estate, and access to top universities at in-state tuition costs.

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