Some EB-5 Investors Want Their Money Back—Will This Prompt Program Reform?

For the last six plus years, Chinese investors made up around 80% of the total number of investors in the EB-5 Program. With expected wait times of more than 10-years, some Chinese EB-5 investors are looking for ways to withdraw their investment funds and abandon their pursuit of the EB-5 visa...

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What Types Of Businesses Qualify To Be EB-5 Projects?

[dropcap]Are[/dropcap] there limits on what types of businesses can qualify to be EB-5 projects? Nearly any type of lawful for-profit businesses can qualify to be EB-5 projects. As long as the business is structured properly, the type of business can be almost anything.

Here are a few examples of common types of businesses that may qualify to be EB-5 projects:

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  • Condominiums
  • Hotels or Resorts
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Mixed-use commercial properties
  • Franchises
  • Wineries
  • Healthcare facilities

What are the basic EB-5 project requirements? To fulfill the program requirements an investor must:

  1. Invest in a new commercial enterprise project. In certain cases, an investor can invest in a troubled business.
  2. This project must be at-risk. An investor cannot receive guarantees that they will get their money back.
  3. The amount an investor places in escrow depends on the location of the project. If the project is located in a targeted employment area, or rural area, they must invest $500,000, otherwise, they invest $1 million.
  4. The EB-5 investor must create or prove that 10 full-time jobs will be created for U.S. workers within the project.

These requirements must all be fulfilled at the time that the investor files his or her I-829 Petition to Remove Conditions. If an EB-5 investor’s I-829 petition is approved then they become eligible for unconditional lawful permanent residency in the U.S.

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Brazil’s Growing Interest In EB-5

Brazil has quickly become Latin America’s largest EB-5 Program participant. In April, EB-5 Investors Magazine hosted an EB-5 convention in São Paulo, Brazil, offering a two-day networking and educational event. The conference attracted nearly 300 attendees...

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Why Do EB-5 Investment Projects Offer Such Low Returns To Investors?

Why do EB-5 investment projects offer such low returns to investors? EB-5 investors are placing a large amount of capital, at minimum $500,000, at risk into an EB-5 investment project, so why are the returns depressingly low? This is a common question that many potential investors ask after their initial...

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3 Hudson Boulevard Developer Seeks $350 Million In EB-5 Funding

The developer, Moinian Group, of 3 Hudson Boulevard is seeking up to $350 million in funding from EB-5 investors. The EB-5 financing would be arranged by George Washington Immigration Group, an EB-5 Regional Center, and would be structured as limited partnerships...

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How Does An EB-5 Loan Work?

The EB-5 Program is complex and oftentimes confusing. Potential EB-5 applicants who may be researching the EB-5 loan may come across what appears to be conflicting information. Does an EB-5 investor make a loan to their project? How does an EB-5 loan work?

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Is It Better To Invest With A Newer EB-5 Developer or A Veteran EB-5 Developer?

What are the pros and cons of investing with a newer EB-5 developer as opposed to a veteran EB-5 developer? Why is it important to look at the experience...

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How Can An Immigration Attorney Help A Developer Obtain EB-5 Capital?

How can an immigration attorney help a developer obtain EB-5 capital? An immigration attorney could help a regional center or developer obtain EB-5...

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5 Reasons Why EB-5 Investors Choose Real Estate Projects

Why do EB-5 investors choose real estate projects? What makes them so popular? These are 5 reasons why EB-5 investors choose real estate projects over...

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Obama Administration Proposes Raising The EB-5 Minimum Investment And Other Changes

New bill from the Obama administration includes raising the EB-5 minimum investment. The Obama administration proposes raising the EB-5 minimum...

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Cities Turn To EB-5 To Create Affordable Housing Developments

Cities such as Miami are looking to utilize the EB-5 Program to build more affordable housing developments. According to the U.S. Department of...

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EB-5 Investors Fund NY Tower That's Set To Be Tallest Apartment Building In Country

EB-5 investors fund this new luxury apartment tower that is currently in construction near Manhattan's Central Park. Once completed, it is set to be the...

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