China's Impact On The U.S. Market

Learn about China's impact on the U.S. market.

China has a massive impact on the U.S. market. Not only are they leading in EB-5 I-526 petition approvals, but Chinese investments are rapidly expanding and growing across a majority of U.S. congressional districts. 

IIUSA recently released an interesting EB-5 Market Report.

  • They've compiled data from 1992-2014 into a easy to use map to show EB-5 foreign direct investment by origin country. You can see, from the map, how massive China's EB-5 market impact has become.  China's investments are in the billions, while the next closest countries are in the low millions.

To see the report, click here.

Rhodium Group and the National Committee on US-China Relations have also recently released a report, called "New Neighbors."

  • This report looks at Chinese affiliated companies in the U.S. and how their investments impact the congressional districts their located in. The report showed how Chinese investments can be more beneficial than U.S. investments in U.S. companies. According to the report, by the end of 2015, Chinese investors were doing more than 15 billion in transactions in the U.S.

To see the report, click here.

China's investments continue to make massive impacts on the U.S. markets by adding U.S. jobs and creating major economic growth.


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