Determining The Best EB-5 Regional Center Project For You

Here are tips on how to select the best EB-5 regional center project for you.  

When looking for the best EB-5 regional center project it's important to determine what your goals and expectations are.

Here are some possible goals and expectations you may have when determining the best EB-5 regional center project:

1.Your primary concern is obtaining green cards for you and your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

In order to obtain green cards for you and your family you must fulfill the EB-5 investment requirement and your EB-5 project must create the requisite 10 jobs.

If this is your primary concern you'll want to find a regional center and EB-5 projects that are very conservative. Your objective is to obtain a green card, which means fulfilling USCIS EB-5 Program requirements are critical to gaining permanent U.S. residence. That's why it's important to select a project with a conservative business plan rather than a project with a risky business plan. A conservative project with be more careful about forecasting job creation.

You may also want to research your project developers and look for solid reputations and past experience. Selecting a EB-5 project with a project team that's new is risky. Instead, you could select a team that has years of experience and knowledge with past successes. It's extremely important for your EB-5 project team to have a lot of experience in the field of their proposed project. If an unforeseen problem comes up, you need a team with experience that can quickly remedy any problem and keep the project on schedule.

Staying on schedule will better ensure that your EB-5 petitions are processed in a timely manner. Therefore, choosing a conservative project with a knowledgeable and experienced team is a priority if you want to obtain a green card.

2.Your concern may be to minimize losses on your investment.

There are a few fees involved with investing in the EB-5 Program. It is also time-consuming to speak to all the professionals involved in assisting with your applications.

In order to minimize losses, you'll again want to choose a regional center and EB-5 project team that have solid track records. If they have a track record showing that they completed similar projects in the recent past, it's more likely that they'll be able to repeat this in the future. This is no guarantee, but it's less risky.

Conduct your due diligence into the projects and regional centers. Pay close attention to the offering memorandum. Speak to immigration attorneys and economic planners. Determine if you're comfortable with the EB-5 project's exit strategy.

3.Your goal and expectation may be to make a profit.

This usually isn't the main concern for EB-5 investors. Often the interest on EB-5 investments is low because project developers know that EB-5 investors are more concerned with obtaining green cards.

If your primary goal is to profit, the EB-5 Program is probably not the right path for you. Regional centers and EB-5 projects may only offer 1% on your investments. In the end, EB-5 investors may or may not break even after all the fees, however, you will, if your petitions are approved by USCIS, receive a green card.

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