EB-5 Has Been Extended Through February 8, 2018

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After a three-day government shutdown, Congress has passed and President Trump has signed a Continuing Resolution extending funding for government operations and programs. Under this CR, EB-5 has been extended through February 8, 2018.

During the shutdown the EB-5 Program was suspended and no government benefits could be obtained. Although the visa program has been extended, the extension is for only a little over two weeks. Now may be the best window of opportunity for a potential investor to file their application before the program sees changes such as an increase to the minimum investment amount.

Wondering about how to get started with EB-5? Here's the easy to follow step by step process. 

Which countries have been claiming the most visas in FY 2017?

The United States Department of State has released its full report for EB-5 Visa Statistics by Immigrant Investors for FY 2017. What it shows is that immigrants from Mainland China continue to claim the most visas. They claimed 75% of the total visas issued. Vietnam is second, claiming 4.7%. An increase in the number of visas from Brazil placed them third at 2.8%. A small drop in the number of applicants from South Korea placed them fourth in FY 2017, at 1.9%.

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