How Do EB-5 Investors Become U.S. Citizens?

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How do EB-5 investors become U.S. citizens? How long does it take?

While the process can be slowed down for any number of reasons including slow visa processing times or requests for additional information, typically EB-5 investors become U.S. citizens after certain criteria is met.

What are the requirements?

Once EB-5 investors file their I-526 petition, a visa becomes available, and they are approved, they receive conditional permanent residency in the United States. EB-5 investors can then apply for citizenship 90 days prior to their 5th-anniversary of being granted conditional permanent residency. While they can apply, their application will not be approved until USCIS has adjudicated their I-829 petition and removed the conditions on their permanent residency.

Additionally, EB-5 investors must meet other requirements during the 5 years of conditional permanent residency. One requirement is being physically present in the United States for 50% of the time during the 5 years immediately before the application.

Benefits of conditional permanent residency also include being able to petition for relatives to apply for naturalization. Conditional permanent residents enjoy many of the same benefits as citizens, except they do not have the right to vote, the right to run for elected office, the right to apply for federal employment, or many of the extensive protections.

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