EB-5 Regional Center

eb5 ad EB-5 Regional Center. What You Should Know.

As of December 2, 2015, USCIS has approved 781 regional centers. It should be understood that just because a regional center has been approved by USCIS, it does not guarantee a lower risk of investment.

It is important that the potential EB-5 investor always conduct due diligence when investing in a EB-5 Regional Center project. Before making any investment, and investor should seek professional advice and research the regional center thoroughly as if it were any other investment.

 Contact the Regional Center.

  • Call their listed phone number.  Make sure they are properly staffed and fully knowledgeable about their project(s).

See the Project For Yourself

  • When you contact the EB-5 Regional Center, ask them about visiting the Regional Center’s offices and visiting the project’s construction site.  Even if you do not actually intend to travel to the United States yet to see the project, see how the Regional Center responds to your request.  A trustworthy and competent Regional Center should welcome an investor’s visit to its offices or to the project site.  Transparency is important.

Review the Documents.

  • Ask to see the proof.  Is your Regional Center project located in a Target Employment Area (TEA)? If so, ask to see the TEA approval letter. Ask to see the project’s construction plans, approvals, permits and anything else to confirm the project is real and that the project will move forward expeditiously.

Seek Out An EB-5 Immigration Agent.

  • Add another level of security by using an immigration agent who may more knowledge and experience in dealing with regional center projects. If they are the agent for multiple EB-5 applicants who have invested in the same regional center project, they may have more leverage to make sure the project meets it's deadlines. Additionally, they will be able to coordinate between the EB-5 investor and the immigration attorney.

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