EB5 Regional Center Advantages To Look For

Finding the right EB5 regional center and project takes time. Beyond seeing if a regional center meets USCIS visa job creation requirements, what should potential investors look for when researching?

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when looking into an EB5 regional center.

Here are EB5 regional center advantages to look for:

  • They are approved and qualified by USCIS
  • They have a significant number of approved I-526 petitions and I-829 petitions
  • They take advantage of targeted employment areas (TEAs) for reduced investment amounts
  • They can assist with relocation
  • They possess a strong international marketing plan
  • They possess familiarity with local economies (where projects are located)
  • They can preserve capital with safeguards
  • They have exit strategies that are independent of other investors
  • They have market rate returns on investment
  • Collateral value
  • They guarantee EB5 visa program compliance
  • They have conservative job creation estimate with substantial over-creation
  • No jobs based on Tenant Occupancy Theory (No job-creation credit given for employees of a future building's tenants.)
  • Job creation through direct, indirect or induced jobs
  • They have a management team that has past experience with this type of project
  • Full refund of EB5 investment if the EB5 visa is denied


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