Fee Increase Tomorrow! EB-5 Regional Centers Should File Form I-924A Now!

Fee Increase A Day Away! EB-5 Regional Centers Should File Form I-924A Now!

USCIS sents one last notification to regional centers to let them know that the deadline for filing Form I-924 without paying the new fee is fast approaching [TOMORROW!].

On December 23rd, 2016, there will be an increased fee for filing form I-924A for continued EB-5 Regional Center designation.

Each individual EB-5 Regional Center must file. They have until December 23rd, to file Form I-924A without being subjected to the new fee of $3,035, otherwise they have until December 29th to get the form in. USCIS requires regional centers to file this form each year and within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year which is December 29th.

Filing after December 23rd, date will not only incur the fee, but filing after December 29th, will risk possible issuance of regional center termination of approval and designation. If a regional center does not submit this form, it will be viewed as an intent to terminate their regional center and they will lose their designation.

Form I-924A is a supplement to Form I-924. Form I-924 gives a regional center approval and designation. Form I-924A keeps the regional center designated and allows it to continue to participate in the EB-5 Regional Center Program and attract investors for projects.

No form, no investors!


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