Regional Centers Could See EB-5 Visa Filings From India Double

As H-1B visas become more restrictive and gain longer waiting times, Indians are turning to the EB-5 Program to obtain U.S. green cards. Major EB-5 regional centers could see EB-5 visa filings from India double this year...

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How To Evaluate An EB-5 Regional Center

There are currently more than 900 entries on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services list of approved EB-5 regional centers. With so many to choose from, what is the best way to evaluate an EB-5 regional center and determine if it’s the right one for you?

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How To Make An EB-5 Investment Using A Loan

Here's basic information about making an EB-5 investment using a loan. When does making an EB-5 investment with a loan fulfill the EB-5 requirements? The EB-5 Program requires an applicant to invest personal funds. When does using a loan comply?

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New Changes To EB-5 Form I-526 Require Additional Information

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Beginning June 9, 2017, additional information on EB-5 Form I-526 will be required.

USCIS has added 3 pages to the petition. The new information EB-5 Form I-526 requires will include the following:

  • Employment history for the last 5 years.
  • Information about the spouse and dependent children.
  • Any immigration proceedings information.
  • Additional personal information about the investor.
  • Investor's physical addresses from the past 5 years.
  • Further information about lawful sources of funds being used for the investment capital.
  • Regional Center information.
  • Interpreter's certification information if relevant.
  • Name and information of other investors who own a percentage of the New Commercial Enterprise.

Until the June 9, 2017, date, applicants can continue to use the previous Form I-526 from December, 2016.

For assistance with Form I-526, consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

For more filing information, visit USCIS here.