Washington Regional Centers

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USCIS approved list of Washington regional centers: 

Regional centers may operate in multiple states so some may not be located in Washington, but are actively developing EB-5 projects there.

It is up to the EB-5 applicant to conduct due diligence into the regional centers before investing. Although these are listed as approved regional centers by the USCIS, they in no way endorse them, guarantee their compliance with U.S. securities laws, or minimize the risk of investment.

Advantage America Seattle Regional Center

Aero Space Port International Group (ASPI Group) Regional Center

American Bridge Seattle Regional Center, LLC

American Family Regional Center

American Life Inc. Regional Center - Seattle

American NW Regional Center, LLC

American Opportunities Regional Center, Inc.

AmWealth, LP

Civitas Pacific Northwest Regional Center, LLC

Columbia International Finance, LLC 

Columbia Willamette Investment, LLC

Eastern Washington Regional Center

EB5 Affiliate Network States of Washington and Oregon Regional Center, LLC

EB5 Capital - Oregon Regional Center

Encore Washington/Oregon Regional Center, LLC

Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center

Farm for America Regional Center

Great Ocean Regional Center

Live in America - Northwest Regional Center, LLC

Pacific Northwest EB-5 Regional Center

Pacific Viniculture

Seattle Area Regional Center, LLC

Seattle Family Regional Center

Seattle Regional Center

USASIA Pacific, Inc.

Washington Foreign Investment Management Group, LLC

Washington Regional Center

Western Pacific Regional Center, LLC

Western Washington Regional Center LLC

Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center

Whatcom Opportunities RC

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*EB-5 Daily is not affiliated with any Regional Centers.