Young Couples Invest In The EB-5 Program For The American Dream

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Young couples from Mainland China are increasingly investing in the EB-5 Program for the American dream. What's driving them to make that decision?

Once their children have been born, these young couples immediately look into getting started investing in the EB-5 Program.

What are the reasons these young couples are looking for U.S. visas for their families?

One reason has to do with the challenges they face in China. Purchasing a home in China can be difficult if a couple does not hold a household residency in the city they wish to live in.

Other reasons these young couples want to move to the U.S. include terrible air pollution in Chinese cities, more affordable housing, and top public schools.

These couples want to move to the U.S. due to their desire to give their children the American Dream. The EB-5 Program gives investors the opportunity to acquire green cards and ultimately citizenship for themselves, their spouse, and their unmarried children under the age of 21. Once the EB-5 makes their investment in a qualified project, files their I-526 Petitions, and receives approval, they and their family can live and work anywhere in the U.S. using their conditional visas.

This means that these young families can purchase a house anywhere in the U.S. and they can immediately start using the U.S. school system for their children. These benefits, in addition to worry over the large backlog of visas from Mainland-born Chinese applicants, draw many young Chinese families to apply for the EB-5 Program as soon as their children are born.

What are some of the challenges young couples who wish to invest in the EB-5 Program face?

Raising the necessary minimum investment amount of $500,000 can be challenging for young couples looking to invest in the EB-5 Program. One solution many young couples have found is to borrow funds from family members and friends.

Another major challenge they face is finding a job in the U.S. Making the transition from living and working in one country and moving to another has many obstacles. Young couples may have to make sacrifices early on and travel back and forth between their home country and the U.S. while they change jobs and sell their property.

The last challenge is one all EB-5 investors have to navigate, and that's finding the right investment for them. Finding a strong investment requires applicants to conduct due diligence and to determine what level of risk they are willing to take.

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