3 Basic Types Of Employee Contracts You Should Know About

This article discusses the 3 different types of employee contracts. They're important to be familiar with. You may be surprised to learn what's considered a "contract."

An employee contract is typically between an employee and their employer. There's the common handshake to the oral agreement to the more in depth written contract.

These employee contracts can cover any aspect of employment such as job security.

Often times, employees will sign employment contracts stating that they are agreeing to work at will.

  1. The Informal Contract

This agreement is implied. Basically, the employer has implied certain is one that is based on a combination of the boss or employer's actions, writing, and words.

  1. The Oral Contract

This is a spoken agreement between an employer and employee that is binding. It is more informal than a written agreement.

  1. The Written Contract

This is the strongest type of agreement. It's a document that defines the scope of a person's employment. It is usually the most in depth type of agreement. Written contracts are the easiest to enforce, as proving their terms is easy since they're in writing.


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