Civil Case For Property Damage?

Are you considering filing a civil lawsuit for property damage? You may be unsure what your legal rights are or hesitant because local law enforcement does not want to get involved, but you may want to look into a civil lawsuit.

Maybe your neighbor damaged your property while you were out of town or you slipped on soda that was on a restaurant's floor and you broke your phone and watch. There are many different types of property damage cases and sometimes they overlap with personal injury.

In the case of the first example where a neighbor damaged your property while you were away, sometimes police don't want to get involved because they have heavier cases and emergencies to deal with, however, this doesn't mean you don't have a case in a court of law. You may not only be able to charge your neighbors with property damage, but also possibly trespassing.

It's also common to have to fight homeowners policies or insurance companies to receive compensation for property damage due to weather, personal damage or theft. In these cases it's important to take photos of damage or keep receipts.

A court of law may award you "damages" as compensation for your property damages. There are two types of damages that the court can award the plaintiff. Compensatory damages will return the plaintiff to the financial position they were in prior to the property damages. Punitive damages may award the plaintiff legal fees. A court of law may also award the plaintiff punitive damages, which punish the defendant and set a public example.

For more information about your particular case, speak to a knowledgeable and experienced civil litigation attorney.


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