Common Real Estate Leasing And Selling Disputes

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What are the most common real estate leasing and selling disputes?

A lot disputes arise when leasing or selling real estate. Leasing or selling real estate involves complex and nuanced transactions.

Here are some of the most common real estate leasing and selling disputes that often require litigation.

Breach of contract:

All real estate transactions require a contract. When a contract is implemented or terminated disputes arise. Contract disputes are common during the purchasing or closing of real estate agreements. Sellers and buyers frequently dispute over the terms and conditions of a contract.


Usually if a tenant or owner is facing foreclosure they've already been down on their luck. Fighting a bank, lender, or third party over mortgage agreements or mechanic's liens is challenging. They possess large legal teams with intimate knowledge of real estate transactions. A real estate litigation attorney could help navigate the legal complexities of foreclosure disputes.

Terms of a lease:

Landlord-tenant disputes over the terms of a lease are a common issue for real estate attorneys. For example, landlords may try to evict tenants for subletting and violating a lease, while tenants may try to fight for services that the lease guarantees them.

Termination of a lease:

There are a variety of reasons why a tenant or landlord may want to terminate a lease. A tenant may want to end their lease early because they changed jobs, or a landlord may want to terminate the lease of a tenant who has a below-market value unit. An attorney may be required to enforce the terms of the lease.

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