Common Construction Litigation Issues

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What are the most common types of construction litigation issues?

The most common types of construction litigation issues include:


  •             Drafting
  •             Negotiating
  •             Defaults
  •             Terminations


  •             Preparation
  •             Prosecution
  •             Defense
  •             Complex disputes
  •             Negotiation
  •             Prevention


  •             Real Estate
  •             Construction loans
  •             Property acquisition
  •             Type of business
  •             Entity formation
  •             Funding structure
  •             Taxes


  •             Delays or inefficiency
  •             Interference
  •             Property Damage
  •             Mechanics' liens
  •             Environmental due diligence
  •             Land use issues


  •             Advice and guidance
  •             Claim avoidance

Government Laws:

  •             Local, state, and federal law issues
  •             Claims
  •             Guidance
  •             Violation resolution


  •             Claims
  •             Disputes
  •             Coverage


  •             Alternative dispute resolutions
  •             Mediation
  •             Arbitration
  •             Litigation


  •             Delays
  •             License issues


  •             Labor laws
  •             Wage and hour
  •             Disputes
  •             Complaints
  •             Union issues

Who are common construction litigation attorneys' clients?

  • Property owners
  • Developers
  • Design firms
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Construction firms
  • Management firms
  • Healthcare entities

Construction litigation law firms are highly sought after for a wide variety of issues. Their expertise can help public and private firms focus on the development of their projects without having to worry about major problems arising. And if, upon occasion, they do still arise, they can rest assured that the problem will be handled quickly and efficiently. Construction litigation attorneys can advise clients on a range of issues from land acquisition, to contract disputes, to project risk assessment and company organizational structure.

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