Companies Agree To Pay Big Bucks In Data Breach Settlements

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It's not just Equifax that has had massive data breaches exposing sensitive private consumer data, it's a whole host of companies. Many of these companies have agreed to pay large sums of money in data breach settlements.

While some of these companies have attempted data breach settlements, a lot are still tied up in litigation. The cyber attacks on many of these companies and exposure of sensitive data can affect billions of users, in the case of Equifax, or tens of millions of users in the case of Uber. Consumers are turning to class action lawsuits to sue for the exposure of sensitive data and poor cyber security.

Three recent data breach settlements in the news:

According to Law360, the New York attorney general released a statement announcing that EmblemHealth has agreed to pay $575,000 and conduct a risk assessment after the NY AG probe into the exposure of more than 80,000 Social Security numbers through a mailing error.

From Mondaq, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) has agreed to pay a settlement of $3.5 million for potential HIPAA violations after electronic protected health information was a impermissible disclosure.

In an article from the National Law Review, Yahoo has agreed to pay $80 million to shareholders in a federal securities class action lawsuit after Yahoo failed to disclose data breaches that affected more than 3 billion users.

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