What Is Elder Law And How Are The Elderly Abused and Neglected?

Elder Law is the legal term that refers to a wide range of legal issues that affect the elderly.

Some of the types of elder law include:

Elder Abuse

This can occur between family members or it could occur when an employee of a facility abuses a patient or patron.

Facility Negligence or Abuse

This a form of elder abuse in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The attendants have an obligation to meet their patient's needs. If they don't properly care and supervise their patients, they may be liable for negligence. These facilities may also be liable for physically or mentally abusing patients if their employees are not adequately trained in providing appropriate care.

Discrimination in the Workplace

During periods of high unemployment and tough economic times, employers often illegally discriminate against employees (or people going through the hiring process) who are in their 50s or older. This is referred to as age discrimination.

Financial Abuse

When a family member or other person illegally and unethically takes advantage of an elderly person and exploits his or her assets and property.

Consumer Fraud

The elderly, unfortunately, are often the most preyed upon people when it comes to consumer fraud. They are unfairly targeted and may suffer the most from fraud. Civil litigation may be an option for consumer fraud cases.

Contract Litigation

The elderly are also oftentimes unfairly persuaded into entering into contracts that they do not understand.

If you know an elderly person who has suffered from any of the above legal issues, it's important to report any suspected abuse.


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