How To File A Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim

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Are you a flood victim? Here’s how to file a hurricane Harvey insurance claim.

Now things are settling down and the shock of the devastation is slowly wearing off, people can begin to piece their lives and their properties back together. Now that it is safe in some areas to return home, you may be wondering how to file a hurricane Harvey insurance claim.

Some people were worried that they missed the deadline for filing a hurricane Harvey insurance claim, but you have not. The HB 1774 deadline that passed does not change when or how filing a claim happens. It may affect people who were going to file a lawsuit against their insurance provider.

How to file an insurance claim:

1. Find the contact information for each insurance agency you have a policy through. You may have homeowners insurance through one agency, flood insurance through another, and windstorm coverage through a third.

2. Read your policies to find out what is covered and under what policy. You may have to file multiple claims.

3. Are you covered? Yes, then you should proceed to filing claims. No, you are not covered? Then there are other resources available to you. Many homes that were flooded in Houston were not in flood zones. This means that they most likely did not have a flood insurance policy. If that's the case for you, you could contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for help and assistance. Since the area was declared a federal disaster, FEMA can provide assistance.

4. Once you have found the contact information for your policies start contacting them. Call your agents to begin the claim process. You could also file a claim online. Even if you don't know the full extent of the damage to your home or property, begin the claims process right away anyway. If you're having trouble with calling in or finding help filing online, you can find a recovery center in your neighborhood that can assist you. Additionally, once you've contacted your insurance company to start the claim, follow it up with a correspondence in writing.

5. Take photos of the damage to your property. The more detailed the photographs the better. It's easier than ever to take photographs or video with just your phone.

6. Keep everything in writing. Keep copies of important documents, keep receipts, and keep a log of when you called your insurance providers and what you discussed. After a major flood happens, the entire situation is overwhelming, but if you can remember to keep receipts from hotels or travel expenses, you could be reimbursed for evacuation expenses by your homeowner's policy.

Worried that your claims will be denied?

If you're having trouble with filing claims or having your claims unfairly denied, you may want to consult with an attorney. You can file a suit locally, but you may want to hire an attorney in New York, depending on the provisions in your policy.

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