Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

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Do you need a civil litigation attorney?
What types of cases do civil litigation attorneys handle?
What can a civil litigation attorney do for you?
If you need assistance in filing a lawsuit, a civil litigator may be the right type of attorney to call. A civil litigation attorney can handle a variety of non-criminal lawsuits including personal injury, discrimination, business law, family law, and banking and lending cases, and more.
Trial lawyers or civil litigators are attorneys that handle disputes between two or more parties that seek monetary damages or performance rather than criminal sanctions.
A civil litigation attorney can advise you on whether you should go to court or settle outside of court. They will help take you through the entire process. They can explain the local laws and give you all your legal option. Whether you decide to fight for you case in court or utilize alternative dispute resolutions, having an attorney on your side will prove invaluable.
In many lawsuits, a civil litigation attorney can win or lose the case before it even goes to trial. This is due to the large amount of due diligence these types of cases often require. A civil litigation attorney will draft and file motions, gather evidence, depose witnesses, and develop arguments, prior to the court case, and if a civil litigator has a strong case the other party, oftentimes, will try to settle and negotiate outside of court.
Without an attorney, you place yourself at a disadvantage. Usually an experienced attorney will be able to achieve the best settlement. Additionally, if you do not use an attorney you will have to take on the burden of  arguing the case yourself. This means you will need to devote time to the case that could otherwise be used to for something else.
Most civil litigation attorneys charge hourly, others take a percentage of the case. Sometimes, if an attorney believes they have an extremely strong case, they will take the case on contingency.
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