Solutions To Tax Disputes: Do You Need An Attorney?

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Tax disputes can be stressful. They are complex issues that require dynamic strategies.

Whether tax disputes require litigation or not an experienced attorney may necessary. Why should a person hire an attorney for their tax disputes?

What are some examples of common tax disputes that an attorney can assist clients with?

  • Business tax
  • Personal income tax
  • International tax
  • Gift tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Local tax
  • State tax
  • Federal tax
  • Sales and use tax

When do tax disputes arise?

Tax disputes arise when a person, company, or corporation's interests run counter to authority or law.

How can an attorney assist?

An experienced attorney can:

  • Prepare documents
  • Prepare for audits
  • Run tax risk analysis
  • Request necessary information
  • Assist with tax return disclosures
  • Mitigate penalties or interest
  • Start the appeal process
  • Mediate or arbitrate
  • Litigate if necessary

Why should you avoid resolving the dispute by yourself?

Your time is money and letting an attorney who has expertise in tax disputes will save you in the long run. They may possess value adding insights and:

  • Industry knowledge (They know how to respond to tax authorities)
  • International tax experience
  • Negotiation, settlement, mediation, arbitration and litigation skills
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