Types Of Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical practitioners such as surgeons, doctors, and nurses work in a high liability profession. When medical issues arise, patients are often quick to file medical malpractice lawsuits.

Healthcare professionals train for many years to be able to treat and take care of patients with highly complicated medical conditions. The medical profession is a very challenging and risky field. Even the most highly skilled medical professions face unpredictable healthcare scenarios. 

When disputes or claims of medical malpractice occur, litigation often ensues. Here are the various types of medical malpractice claims that often require some form of litigation.

Errors in surgery -These often occur when a surgeon or nursing staff is negligent or makes a mistake during or after the surgery and causes injury or harm to the patient.

Misdiagnosis -These occur when the doctor does not diagnose the correct condition or misses diagnosing a disease for quite some time. This often leads to the patient potentially missing receiving treatments or causing the patient harm.

Child birth injury -This occurs when either the mother or baby is harmed due to a healthcare professionals failure to provide adequate treatment or care before or after child birth.

Product liability -This occurs when a patient is injured or harmed due to a defective medical device. A doctor or hospital may be liable if you were injured using the device and if they recommended the device without supplying adequate warning and instructions.

False Claims Act allegations And Qui Tam - Qui Tam is a type of lawsuit that is brought under the False Claims Act. The False Claims Act is a law that rewards whistle-blowers who bring lawsuits to stop healthcare fraud and recover funds for the U.S. government. One example of the type of fraud the government wants to go after is Medicare fraud.


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