Walmart Hit With Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

new york litigation attorney Walmart was hit with a racial discrimination lawsuit after a women noticed at her local store in Perris, California, that certain beauty products that are used by African-Americans were kept locked behind glass.

The lawsuit was filed by Essie Grundy, who noticed these products, which included combs and brushes, were behind locked glass on multiple visits.

According to the New York Times, when Ms. Grundy inquired about the glass, her store's supervisor informed her that the order to change and add this additional level of security came from Walmart's corporate headquarters.

When Ms. Grundy wanted to buy a comb on one of her store visits, she states that she had to ask an employee to open the glass and then the employee took the comb held it at the register for when she was ready to pay for it.

In a telephone interview with the NY Times, Ms. Grundy stated, "I was angry, I was sad, frustrated and humiliated all at the same time," and that she felt like she was being treated like a "thief". Ms. Grundy is represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

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