How To Find The Right Attorney If You're A Small Business

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How do you find the right attorney if you're a small business?

What kinds of questions should you ask to make sure you've found the right attorney for your small business?

Nowadays people want more than just a personal reference. They want an attorney with a strong website, good reviews, and has experience with their particular industry.

Once they have found a potential lawyer online, how do they find the right attorney for their small business? They can utilize the free consultations offered by attorneys to ask questions that will tell them whether that attorney has their best interest in mind. Here are some examples of questions small business owners ask attorneys.

Basics about the law firm:

Are they conveniently located? How many years have the attorneys practiced law? What are the other attorneys areas of expertise? What is their experience? What is the advantage of using your law firm? Will you explain to me the law and how it will affect my case?

Areas of practice:

What is their main area of practice?

Types of clients: Do you have clients in similar industries? What size businesses did their client's have? Have they ever handled legal matters similar to mine? Can I contact your client references that are similar to me?

The legal process for my case:

How often will they communicate with me? Will meetings be on the phone, through text, or in person? How long is the case expected to take? Will other attorneys be working on my case? What types of documents will be needed from me?

The payment arrangement:

What is their rate, the retainer requirement, and the fees involved?How flexible are you with billing? When will I be billed?

In conclusion, does this attorney communicate effectively? Do they have client references for you to talk to? Do they have legal experience in the areas you need? Are they reasonably priced or willing to work with you?

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