Breakthrough in the Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuit Against InfoWars’ Alex Jones

Families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims, in Newtown Connecticut, are one step closer to winning their defamation lawsuits against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.After the Sandy Hook school shooting where multiple children were murdered, Jones, owner and radio show host of the website InfoWars, streamed multiple segments where he bogusly alleged that the families of the deceased children were actors working on a plan to take away firearms from the public.Jones’ may benefit from making these types of false allegations because his website sells gun paraphernalia along with survival gear and diet supplements.Multiple Sandy Hook families have filed lawsuits against Jones, claiming they have, as a result of his false claims, caused them to receive death threats, harassment, stalking and online abuse.A Texas judge for one of the lawsuits has ordered Jones’ and his company representatives to submit to questioning to the lawyer of the mother, Scarlett Lewis, of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Additionally the judge is also giving the plaintiff’s counsel access to Jones’ business records.In Connecticut, a judge is ordering InfoWars’ business partners and representatives to testify, and may grant the plaintiff’s request to depose Alex Jones as well as some of the InfoWars’ reporters.The families are pursing the case to stop Jones’ and other marketers like him from spreading falsehoods that cause families harm, injury, and pain and suffering.Mr. Jones’ attorney continues to fight to try to keep the business records sealed and he is also attempting to move the location of the trial farther away Newtown, the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting.For more information about defamation lawsuits and the process of suing a big-name figure in any industry for slander or libel, send us a message.[formidable id="7" title="1"]